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Kat’s Travel Bucket List!

Judging from this list Kat is the outdoorsy one of the group.

1) Dive with sharks - with Photoshop, she already has. 

2) Ride a train across Russia - very Anna Karenina.

3) Hike up Machu Pichu.

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Lonely Planet’s 10 Things to do in 2012..other than the London Olympics

It’s not as if you need an excuse for travel…but if you did, here are the anniversaries, gatherings and essential destinations to put in your diary for next year. Your 2012 travel planning starts here.

1. Honour Scott’s Polar Centenary

British explorer Robert Falcon Scott’s expedition to the South Pole arrived on 17 January 1912, by which point they already knew they were beaten by Amundsen’s triumph on 14 December 1911. A century later, the Antarctic summer of 2011-12 will be a bumper one for visits to the frozen continent. Scott buffs should aim for Cambridge, England (home to the Polar Museum, part of the Scott Polar Research Institute) or his statue in London’s Waterloo Place. But the ultimate is to visit his frozen-in-time hut at Cape Evans on Ross Island, Antarctica.

The Scott Centenary concert tour featuring the City of London Sinfonia will tour England in February. See the Scott Polar Research Institute for details.

2. Follow Napoleon across Russia

Da da da da da da da da, daa daaa…BOOM! (That’s Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, complete with cannon fire.) Yes, this year marks the 200th anniversary of 1812 – and Napoleon’s disastrous invasion of Russia and the battles provoked by it. Head to Moscow, where the Battle of Borodino Panorama gives a vivid impression of the events of a key skirmish. Or go further north to St Petersburg’s Hermitage and Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps, which contain paintings and memorabilia from the campaign. This could also be the year to finally tackle Tolstoy’s epic War and Peace, set around the conflict – though you may need to set aside the entire year to get through it.

The 360-degree panorama of the Borodino battle – complete with sound effects – is at Kutuzovsky pr 38, Moscow.

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The Most Annoying Habits of Tourists

Are you embarrassed by the antics of your fellow tourists, or guilty of some travel sins yourself? It’s hard to get a handle on the etiquette of a new place, but sometimes travellers leave the locals quietly narked. From fumbling at the ticket barriers to walking the streets starkers, here are some top peeves about tourists, as nominated by city bloggers.